Past Stars

racing actionThere’s no shortage of outstanding horses that have raced under Dee Hotton’s barn roof, and the Stable would like to take a moment to recognize some of the horses that were truly outstanding individuals:


Glory Bound 6,1:55.1f $400,000+ (multiple OBC winner and Open Trot winner)

Lisa Mac 3,1:58.2f $100,000
Miller High Flight 6, 1:58.2f $82,000 (holds track record at Asland Co. Fair)
Fresh Honey 2,2:01.2f, 3,Q2:00m $74,000 (2FT: OSS winner, Tompkins-Geers winner)
All T Way’s Pride 3,2:01f $43,000

Sterling Spur 3,1:59f $30,000 (holds track record at Wayne Co. Fair)


Magnificent Mel p,6, 1:58.1h $209,000
Sue’s Misty p,4, 1:56.3h $195,000 (Former Horse of the Year at Northfield Park)

Mac Royce p,4, 1:56.3f $86,126
Karen’s Noble Tiger p,4, 1:56h $76,000
Meadow Towner p,9, 1:57h $65,000
Noble Annie p,2, 2:00.2h $41,000