The Dee Hotton Stable can put you into the exciting world of harness horse racing! The Dee Hotton Stable offers the harness racing enthusiast the opportunity to make the dream of owning a quality Standardbred become a reality. You can experience all the thrills and excitement of harness racing through a partnership at the Dee Hotton Stable, at a price one can readily afford. Furthermore, we strive to make horse ownership easy, successful, and fun!

Benefits of a Partnership

A Dee Hotton Stable partnership offers you the power to share the financial risks associated with racehorse ownership. By pooling your money with other partners you enhance your purchasing power and give yourself the capability of obtaining higher quality racing stock. You can participate as much, or as little, as you want in this sport. Your owner’s license, obtained through the Ohio State Racing Commission, gives you admission privileges at any of the racetracks in Ohio. It also gets you into the backstretch area of the track where you can visit with your horse before it races, or watch it warm-up to race. Having partners on a racehorse gives you the opportunity to meet and socialize with other owners and share in the excitement and fun that’s abundant in harness horse racing.

Owning a Racehorse is an Experience of a Lifetime

There is nothing like the experience and delight in watching your horse cross the finish line first. The sheer exhilaration of racing is beyond words. At the Dee Hotton Stable we take pride in communicating with our partners and we believe your experience will be very enjoyable and fulfilling. Your life may never be the same after you experience the sensations of harness racing as a Dee Hotton Stable racehorse owner.

How Do You Get Started?

Each partnership begins with your e-mail request for more information. Dee Hotton will personally reply and answer any remaining questions you may have, and provide you with any additional information you may need. From here, there are five simple steps to becoming a harness horse owner:

1) You decide what type of partnership you prefer.
Dee can explain the differences and benefits of each of the various types of partnerships: Claiming, Auction Sales, or Private Purchase.

2) You determine the amount you would like to invest in the partnership.

We have formed partnerships ranging from a thousand dollars, upto twenty thousand dollars.

3) You select what percentage of the horse you would like to own.
You can choose to own 10% or all the way up to 90% ownership.

4) You sign a simple multiple ownership contract.
It is a straight forward document listing all the partners and stating the partnership details.

5) You obtain an Ohio State Racing Commission license and United States Trotting Associaton membership. This involves doing some paperwork of filling out forms, but we will be more than happy to help you.

YES, it really is that easy! We want to build partnerships that meet your individual requirements and fulfill your dreams of racehorse ownership. Please take a moment to browse through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to find answers to many of the questions you may still have on your mind. When you think you are ready to venture into a racehorse partnership, contact the Dee Hotton Stable via e-mail or give her a call. We will utilize our experience and expertise to help you become Standardbred racehorse owner.